Q&A with our Sales Rep, Paul!

Welcome to our next Q&A! This time we’re interviewing the man, the myth, the legend - it’s our very own Paul Judd!

Paul joined us in August 2022 as our new Sales Rep. Having worked in the South Coast craft beer scene since 2015, after a brief hiatus from the industry, Paul is now back in the beer world and excited to work in a wider territory. Outside of beer, Paul is extremely passionate about people's wellbeing and mental health, volunteering at Mind and children’s charity Motiv8.


First of all - what's your favourite Phantom beer so far?

Ball Pit definitely, it’s one I love every time. Also enjoyed Lucid Dreams recently. 


What style of beer do you want to see more of?

[Ponders] What styles of beer aren’t there enough of…I guess I wish there was more love for radlers and lower ABV, refreshing beers. I’m a big fan of those. And then at the other end, I love a stupid TIPA - I loved SG5 when I worked at Staggeringly Good. 


You’re creating a playlist for The Haunt, who has to be on it?

I’m a child of 90s indie, so Shed Seven and Embrace, and then maybe some disco classics. Based on our household listening, with a 12 year old, probably Harry Styles. Who would have thought I’d love Harry Styles? Well, maybe not love… maybe enjoy!


Favourite thing about working in beer?

Absolutely the community, the incredible people. Love the notion of belonging and harmony, and how it brings people together with good spirits and energy. It’s also silly and fun!


What beer destination is top of your list to visit?

New Zealand - some of my best friends in the world have moved out there. Monteiths Summer Ale is delicious - ginger and manuka honey ale. Would be great to hang out down there, I’ve never been but have had the Monteiths before and loved it.  


What single piece of cutlery would you deem your favourite?

Absolutely a…what’s the small one? Yeah, a teaspoon. I eat everything with them. I even have a long-handled teaspoon for my caramel coffees. 


When will a shark beat a human in a foot race?

Well…probably when human beings have made themselves extinct. Although lots of sewage is being dumped into the water right now, so maybe sharks will grow feet? 


How many hammerheads is too many hammerheads?

None. None hammerheads is too many - they’re a thing of beauty! Maybe if there were so many, you could walk across the sea. That might be too many. 


What do you want to see more of in the beer industry?

One thing I think works really well is local organisations working with breweries - not just breweries collabing. Especially local pubs and bars, it’s so nice to get out of your bar and do stuff like this with local breweries. One of the things I’m really excited about is getting local places to collab with us. 


Can lightning strike thrice?

Umm yeah, I don’t think there is any scientific reason that it can’t.


Peace or love, you decide?

Can’t decide - they’re mutually exclusive, and exclusively mutual. 


Did someone

What is the answer to this question...Somewhere? If it means spending time with the people you love, then absolutely!


You can find Paul on Instagram @phantombrewerysouth - give him a follow and show him some love. Peace!