Q&A with our London Sales Representative, Baxter!

Welcome to our next Q&A! This interview is featuring our very own Baxter Godfrey. 

Baxter joined us in October 2023 as our London Sales Representative. Baxter loves watching anime, walking his dogs (Aza and Shida) and of course, drinking beer. 


First of all - what's your favourite Phantom beer so far?

N is for Nectaron - it’s such a bold hop and was new to me at the time, so really exciting to try it. 


What style of beer do you want to see more of?

DIPAs. I know we do quite a lot here, but it’s a style that is sometimes lacking elsewhere in England and generally in English breweries and drinking culture, but they are great.


Sam wants to know, if you could be ANY kind of bird (and I mean ANY), what bird would you be and why?

Secretarybird - they have such an elegant look but walk around looking for snakes - like the pest control of pest control. [correct answer was Sam Bird]


You’re creating a playlist for The Haunt, who has to be on it?

Probably some 90’s hip hop, some classic stuff - mixed in with some softer blues and R&B, Ghetto Gospel, Tu Pac and Elton John would be a great example of the playlist. 


Favourite thing about working in beer?

The personability of all aspects of beers - everyone you’re dealing with is often times open and welcoming, and happy to work with you in a personal way, rather than corporate. 


Favourite Power Ranger?

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite, but I did love it when they morph together - IT’S MORPHING TIME!


If tomatoes are fruit, does that mean ketchup is a smoothie?



What beer destination is top of your list to visit?

I would love to go to Tampa, Florida - I’ve always heard great things, and after recently going to NYC, it’s opened my eyes to what the possibilities of beers are. I also love imperial stouts and they have plenty out there!


Do you have an alter-ego?

Not that I’m aware of. [correct answer was Baxston, a coffee-drinking, bagel-eating NYC tourist]


What do you want to see more of in the beer industry?

More focus on breweries working with local communities, I know that we do it but that should be the norm and not specific to certain breweries. 


Did someone

Yes. [big nod]


When he’s not selling beer to your local pubs and taprooms like there’s no tomorrow, Baxter is usually busy with some kind of household project, rewarding himself with beer. DIPA of course.