Q&A with our brewer, Matt!

Welcome to our newest Q&A, featuring our very own Matt White! 

Matt joined the brew team in February 2021. Matt loves travelling, great food and good beer. 



First of all - what's your favourite Phantom beer so far?

Big up Echoes, baby! 


What about your favourite non-Phantom beer?

Siren White Tips is what first got me into beer. But I don’t have a favourite beer, I just like drinking beer. 


When was the last time, in your opinion, you ate too much cheese?

I always eat too much cheese. I’m making pasta tomorrow, and pizza on Thursday, and I will go to cheese town. Maybe even add some vegan cheese. 


What style of beer do you want to see more of?

More mixed ferm, more sour, more tasty. 


You’re creating a playlist for The Haunt, who has to be on it?

Blink 182/Angel Du$t


How far could you travel on a pogo stick?

Ohh, not far. I’m a four wheel kind of man. 


Favourite thing about working in beer?

I like the people and the collaboration. Keeps you on your feet and doing different stuff everyday which is fun. 


What beer destination is top of your list to visit?

Drie Fonteinen in Belgium. I did go to Stockholm recently and visited Omnipollo which was f****** nice. 


What do you want to see more of in the beer industry?

I’d like people to stop calling it a “scene”, and start appreciating it as an industry. 


Settle the age old debate, how many custard creams can the average human fit into their mouth?

(Sits and counts in his mind) Eleven. 

[We tested it, he could only fit three]


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When he’s not busy brewing some tasty beers you can occasionally find Matt behind the bar pulling pints, so do pop in and say hello!