Q&A with Brewing Apprentice, Emily!

Welcome to our next Q&A! This time featuring our very own Emily. 

Emily joined us in February as part of our bar team. Turns out she loves beer (and us!) so much, we’re delighted to now be welcoming her to our team full time as our Brewing Apprentice! Emily loves trying to beat other team members at board games, watching Buffy and dreams of one day owning the Lego Harry Potter castle set. She also tried to convince us that chocolate caramel Hobnobs were a thing, so now she bakes them for us every few weeks. Jackpot!

First of all - what's your favourite Phantom beer so far?

Ohhh okay, umm…probably one of our collabs, either Paying in Naivety or Staggadelic. 


What style of beer do you want to see more of?

Sours. Every day of the week. 


Which is a better mode of transport, a scooter or a space hopper? 

Hmm…depends where you’re going and how cool you want to look. Probably a space hopper. 


You’re creating a playlist for The Haunt, who has to be on it?

Scouting for Girls! My friends would know I’m lying if I didn’t say that.


Who do you think is the best at drawing out of the founding members of One Direction?

Ummm…eurgh…I don’t know. Can I look up their art? Is that cheating?! [Emily Googles] Zayn, apparently. 


Crocodile rock, or crocodile roll?

[Thinks hard] Crocodile roll.


Favourite thing about working in beer?

The beer! The sour beer obviously! And the people!!


What beer destination is top of your list to visit?

Tel Aviv - I want to head there for the Junior Track Cycling Championships, so will be hitting up the Dancing Camel microbrewery for sure.

If ‘you can’t stand there!’ Is the answer, what is the question?

…Please can I stand there?


What do you want to see more of in the beer industry?

More sour beers sent to my doorstep, specifically. 


Did someone

Yeah they did!


You can find Emily on the brew floor, in the taproom playing Muffin Time or making us more choccy caramel Hobnobs.