Phantom & Friends v3, feat. Drop Project Brewing!

Our newest instalment of our Phantom & Friends series is focused on our friends at Drop Project Brewing! We're absolutely stoked to be able to continue this with another brewery whose beers we also love, and who have a great ethos and mindset behind what they do.

When they first set about creating the brewery, one of their key priorities was in sustainability, and running a business in line with strong principles of respecting and protecting the environment.

One of the first things they make clear as a team and as individuals is a love for the outdoors and "enjoying nature to the max", and that eco-conscious mindset shows in a lot of the measures taken as a brewery.

They currently operate on a site with a large solar farm present, and recycle spent grain for local animal feed, and spent yeast and hops are composted onsite. June last year marked the introduction of their One Brew = One Tree initiative and a pledge to make this quantifiable step towards not just being carbon neutral, but being carbon negative. They work alongside The Tree Council to do so, whose educational resources aim to encourage better ecological practices among businesses, schools, communities and individuals.

Not only do they focus on these principles in their beer production, all of their merch is produced exclusively from organic cotton, manufactured at facilities powered by green renewable energy, from low-impact raw materials. They've got big ambitions for even more of these carbon offsetting programs, and we reckon that already these are great steps to live up to their massive love of the world we live in.

Onto the beers... like us, Drop Project simply have a goal of brewing fresh, high quality beers, and their lean towards the pale, refreshing and hoppy makes us, naturally, big fans of what they do.

Our mixed box with them goes live tomorrow afternoon, and includes three of their brews in the pack. These are:


This was the first ever beer that Drop Project produced. Serving up a delicious medium body with a creamy mouthfeel, fermented with their house New England Yeast, packed full of Citra and Mosaic Hops and Dry Hopped with enhanced pellets, it's a punchy combination of fruity, tropical and citrus notes! Perfect to session at home on a sunny day.


For one of Drop Project's last brews of 2020 it was a great chance to experiment on an old classic. At a slightly higher ABV than what one might call a session, boy oh boy does this drink easy. It opens with Centennial leading the charge on that intense citrus aroma and taste we all love so much, then the blend of Mosaic and Simcoe to round things out to create that delicious complex piney, fruity finish. At 18g/ltr of dry hops, it’s the biggest charge these guys did last year.

NUG: 6.5% West Coast IPA

Continuing their love affair with the West Coast style, the third beer in the box is this classic take with a fruity twist. This creature is loaded with heaps of Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, Columbus and a salt bae of Simcoe. Expect Pine, Citrus, Orange Blossom with a tropical top note. As always brewed with top quality choice barleys and sprinkling of wheat and oats. An all-round modern incarnation of this classic style!

We absolutely love these guys and their beers, so are really glad to be able to bring these three beauties to your door to enjoy from the safety and comfort of your own sofa.

Stay tuned to see the boxes go live tomorrow afternoon on our webstore, with a selection of our newest and freshest in the mix as well!