Phantom & Friends 5.0 featuring This Week In Craft Beer!

This week, our mixed pack is in collaboration with our good friends at This Week In Craft Beer, who have been huge supporters of us from the very start. We wanted to take the time now to talk a bit more about what they do, and why this mixed pack has been put together!


TWICB was set up by Rob & Steve, two self-proclaimed obsessive craft beer fans, in January 2020 - with the aim of sharing information and experiences to further build the support and knowledge in the craft beer community and keep the industry thriving.

Rob told us that both of them feel more loyalty and commitment to the craft beer industry than any other consumer product, and feel like more than just customers. This is a common theme in craft beer drinkers, and it's something we absolutely love to see and be part of. 

Living locally to us, Rob's been a big fan of ours since day one - he attended our opening night at The Haunt in 2019 and has consistently been supportive and has spread the love for what we do here, which is something we're insanely grateful for!

Rob & Steve send out a weekly newsletter on Mondays, and every Tuesday they feature a brewery interview podcast. Dane and Dom were guests on the very second episode talking all things Phantom (and it's still available to listen on all major podcast platforms!) You can sign up to the mailing list and get access to all the previous podcast episodes right here.

Looking to the future with a mind to commence in July this year, TWICB will be running meticulously curated, long weekend Grand Tours to some of the world's most exciting craft beer cities, in partnerships with craft breweries up and down the UK. Already included in the itinerary for 2021 are Copenhagen, New England, Brooklyn and Miami for tutored tours and tastings of some incredible destinations - and we can't wait to see what else is in the pipeline. Keep a close eye on what they're up to and be sure to subscribe to their channels, as they're going to be making further announcements throughout April and May.

As for this mixed pack, we asked Rob to give us a rundown of what their reasons were behind choosing these beers in particular, and here's what he had to say.

Alpha Delta - Apollo - Citra IPA - 6.0%: "Ross Holland from Alpha Delta was our first ever guest on our podcast, and in our opinion, Alpha Delta make some of the best IPAs in the World, not just the UK!

We have always loved Citra, and I can't think of anyone I would trust more than Ross to brew an amazing single-hop Citra IPA."

Staggeringly Good - Souropod - Blood Orange, Apricot and Star Anise Sour - 6.4%: "Staggeringly Good will never stand accused of making ordinary beer! Pound for pound, they cram more flavour into their beers than anyone else we can think of! We have loved the whole Souropod series so far, and the flavour combinations in this latest release sound perfect!"

London Beer Factory - SE27 - NEIPA - 6.3%: "LBF are a fascinating brewery, with two very distinct, and equally brilliant arms! In Bermondsey their fabulously atmospheric Barrel Project produced some of the UK's best mixed fermentation beers, and it is also probably our favourite place in the whole of the UK to have a lazy afternoon over a few beers (apart from The Haunt, of course!)" [Author note - we honestly didn't bribe him to say that!]

"Meanwhile in West Norwood, LBF are smashing out great NEIPAs on significant scale, and are just about to reopen their shiny new Taproom, which this beer is named in tribute to."

We can't wait to crack into these, and are so excited to share these beers with you as well. Also in the box are three beers of our own to enjoy (Feeling This, Spring & Junk Food - a great lineup for an evening in), all bundled up with a gorgeous 33cl TWICB branded glass.

Be sure to grab yours here before they're gone, and go and show some love to Rob and Steve for what they do to support this brilliant industry!