No Such Thing As A Verbose Brewer

While still locked down, like everyone else we've missed some human company. (It's much harder to make fun of your colleagues digitally. Not impossible, but harder.) Even at the tail end of 2020 when open we've not been able to really get to know our customers as much as we'd like. 

With our production slowed down over this past month, we've decided we ought to properly introduce you - locals, regulars, and new customers - to our little team, as God only knows when we'll be able to see you all again.

First off, we figured it'd be nice to put a spotlight on our brewer, Alex. He's been in brewing for nearly 9 years and joined us at Phantom last January, and we sent him over a few questions to bug him on his day off, that we thought would really sum up the important information that you'll all need to know.

These weren't intended to be quickfire questions, but it's certainly in line with his own brand of brevity.

First of all - what's your favourite Phantom beer so far?

Midnight Space Cowboy In Space. 

What style of beer do you want to see more of?

Red Ales.

What's your favourite beer that we didn't make?

That's a toss up between Keller Pils by Lost & Grounded, Utopian Vienna Lager, and Augustiner Helles.

What sauce goes in your bacon sandwich?


Which hill are you most prepared to die on?

Dank is not a pleasant beer flavour.

What's your favourite flavour of Pom Bear?

Cheese and onion.

What's your favourite showtune?

Confrontation from Les Mis.

Which is your favourite non-sandy beach?

No beaches, only pubs.

If you could be a capital city, which would you be and why?

Oslo, because I'm cold and distant.

If you had to give up beer, meat, cheese or coffee for life, which would it be?

Coffee... probably. [Author note - he'll change his mind next time it's 7:45am on canning day]

Did someone say... beer?

Yes, they did.


We hope that sheds some light into the mind of a brewer. Keep staying safe and being good to eachother.

Stay tuned for our next release, hitting the online store early next week, and we hope to see you again soon.