Nice to see you, to see you nice!

We have some very exciting news to bring you...

We are finally re-opening the taproom! 

It seems so long ago that we had to close our doors with no idea of when we would re-open. Wasn't that a shame?

Last weekend, we invited a small number of guests down for trial run to see how feasible opening up would be. The feedback has been really positive and we now feel like we are able to open our doors to a few more of you!

Whilst this is obviously bloody brilliant news, understandably there are a few caveats to this, so we thought we'd write this blog to let you know exactly what this 'new normal' is going to be, so that you know what to expect when you come on down.

So, we will be running two sessions on a Saturday. Both sessions are 3 hour sessions, with an hour gap in between for staff to thoroughly sanitise the area, as well as having a little break themselves. The first session is 14:00 til 17:00, with the later session kicking off at 18:00 and ending at 21:00. We would also ask that you place last orders no later than 30 mins before the end of your session.

If you book a table, we would also ask that you only share a table with people either from your household, or with someone with whom you have formed a 'bubble' as per the governments current guidelines.  

So, once you have booked and head down (please wear a face mask!), you will be greeted on arrival and shown to your table. Please have your booking information to hand. 

On your table, you will have two laminated sheets of paper. These are both very important - one of these contains our rules pertaining to social distancing and general safety measures. Please read these so you absolutely know what you should and should not do, although if anything is unclear please ask the nearest member of staff and they will set you right. 

The other laminate is quite important too - it's the drinks menu! This menu will be what is on at the start of the day. If we change over any kegs for a new beer, you will need to check our website, our facebook page or Untappd to see what is currently pouring. 

These laminates are yours and yours only during your booking, so keep them safe (although you don't get anything for a pair). These will both be sanitised when you leave. 

We know things are going to be a bit strange and different for a while - we loved the vibe of the taproom before all this happened, but we've done our best to make sure everyone can still come down for a few beers whilst staying safe. We do ask that you stay at your table as much as you can, we'll keep the tunes playing so you can keeeeeeep dancing in your seats, perhaps you could even give us a twirl! 

Bookings are live now (you can find the tab 'Book a Table' at the top of the website) - this is uncharted territory for us, so if there are any problems with the booking system, please let us know! Dom has somehow managed to implement it onto the website without any hitches yet - didn't he do well?!

From everyone here at Phantom - and I do mean everyone, we'll see you very soon. Alright my loves?