Q&A with Lamb!

Welcome to our next Q&A! This interview is featuring our very own Rachel Lambert... or as absolutely everyone knows her - Lamb!

Lamb joined us in August of 2020 as our sales rep for London. Lamb is extremely passionate about beer, which has been evident since day one. If you see her out and about London (when life becomes a tad more normal), say hi!


First of all - what's your favourite Phantom beer so far?

Favourite Phantom beer hmmmmm... the punch drunk series is a juicy go to. But I’ll have to choose ball pit. I love a dank NEIPA. 

What style of beer do you want to see more of?

When it comes to styles I want to see more of, I’m loving lagers right now, and due to the excessive amount of time we have been ‘given’; we have been blessed with more lagering time, so this style has popped up more. Proper craft lagers can be underrated. 

It’s June 21st, what is the first beer you are reaching for and where?

21st of June can’t come fast enough. As it’s summer I would love a sour, maybe a vault city fruit banger. It’s difficult as there are so many great places to go in north London. I’m going to go for the Great Northern Railway Tavern. It’s a local and always has a full line up of bangers. Special mentions to the Prince and Earth tap; amazing spots in Wood Green. 

If there can only be one, what cheese biscuit pairing are you having?

Cheese is life, so this is very hard. Jarlsburg is up there with a classic Jacobs cracker. The cracker is there to compliment the cheese, not overpower.

You are creating a playlist for The Haunt, which artist are we seeing most of on it?

The Haunt has a great feel to it, I would want to be in keeping with that... I’d go for pop punk old school bangers. Like Jimmy eat world, blink and taking back Sunday.
But, to answer the question I’d like a lot of turnstile in there 🤣

Best live show you have ever been to?

I love going to shows, so this is again, a tough one.
Would probably have to be While She Sleeps, Every Time I Die and Vein last year at Brixton academy. Two of my all time favourite bands and was introduced to vein.

Favourite thing about working in beer?

You’d think the beer should be the favourite thing about working in beer, but it’s not, it’s the community. There is always something to talk about with likeminded beer-loving humans and I cannot wait for beer festivals to return!

What beer destination is top of your list visit?

Brussels is top - I would love to visit 3 fonteinen and cantillon. Germany is also up there, and (all being well) I am going to Oktoberfest this year.

Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA, is it a banger?

Party in the USA is A CERTIFIED BANGER. That shouldn’t even be a question. 

What do you want to see more of in the beer industry?

I would love to see more women and inclusion in the beer industry. It’s improved leaps and bounds in the many years since I came into the crazy world of beer, but you still get the bad eggs and you have to have a thick skin sometimes. The scene is a lot more inclusive, but there are still steps we can take. Shout out to the women in charge of, and all of the Crafty Beer Girls.

Did someone say.... beer?

Yep, I did. Beer please.


You can find Lamb on Twitter @callmelambic or IG @callmelamb to see what she's up to!