A Q&A with our designer: Tom Gutts!

Thomas Gutteridge is a freelance Illustrator, Designer & Art Director hailing from Reading and now based in London.

His work ranges from illustration, character design, storyboarding, corp comms, branding, & beer labels.

You can find his work at the following places: ,


How did you start out working in design?

It was pretty inevitable really... My family are all pretty artsy. So it had always been a big part of my childhood. 

I always chose art courses throughout education, doing Graphic Design at University. And I started doing some form of 'design' for Schmeckles back in the school days.

After Uni I was fortunate enough to be offered an internship at Nucco Brain Studio and learned a tonne in my time there, whilst doing my own thing in my spare time.

... Until it came time for me to commit to be freelance full time, which coincided with the current Phantom relationship very nicely. 


What has been your favourite Phantom Beer to drink so far?

That's a really tough question... Contenders would have to be Ball Pit, Feeling This, Curbside Luau, & Logic.

I might need to have a taste test with all of them together to be sure... But I do really have fond memories of Ball Pit back in the early days of Lockdown 1.0. So I'll go with that. 



How did you come to work with Phantom?

Well I knew Dom from back in College, so through that and our various mutual friends, Phantom were aware of the work I do. 

We met up for a couple of cheeky beers at the Greyfriar in Reading and spoke about the plan for Phantom, and I was very impressed by what I heard, to say the least. 

We started with 3 beer labels: "Punch Drunk Mango", "Easy As Pi" and a special "50 Not Out" beer. And I also couldn't help but offer to rebrand their initial brand placeholder. 




What is your Favourite design you have created so far for Phantom?

Another tough one... Between 'Ball Pit' and 'Golden Ticket' I think? 


How do you like your eggs in the morning?

Depends on the day, but push comes to shove, I'd say boiled. Who doesn't like egg & soldiers?


Favourite place to go for a beer?

Aside from The Haunt ;) At this moment, any pub would do... The East Putney Tavern is certainly a favourite. 



What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy the variety in what I get to design and draw and for the wide range of formats. Keeps things interesting and my brain thinking!


What advice would you have for anyone looking to begin a career in design?

Learn from everything you do, draw/design as much as you can. The more you do it the better you'll get. 

Making contacts is also key!


What is your favourite chocolate bar?
That is a toughie as I am a total chocoholic - to give you an idea, my favourite film is Chocolat. My heart says Freddo, however back in 1999 they were 10p a great price for a great product. If you follow inflation since then, they should now cost 15p, not the outrageous 25p we are currently expected to pay. Since 2014 we have been expected to pay 25p for this delicious treat (other than for a short period in 2017 when they upped it once more to 30p). So I guess I'll say Kit-Kat Chunky.


If you had to relocate to each continent, which countries would you choose to live in for each?

Africa: Madeira (apparently this counts as Africa) more for my survival against the sun... the further north the better for my ginger complexion!

Antarctica: ... Not much choice here

Asia: Japan

Australia/Oceania: New Zealand

Europe: Denmark

North America: Canada

South America: Brazil


Did someone say... beer?

Someone's always saying beer!
Once again, you can follow Tom and show him some love here: &